Connecticut Notary Supplies

Our selection of Connecticut notary supplies includes training, stamps, journals, Connecticut acknowledgment and jurat stamps, and assorted supplies. If you are not a Connecticut notary and would like to become one, check out our Connecticut Notary page for information on how to become a notary.

Connecticut does not require a notary seal; however, if they choose to use a stamp, here are the requirements:

 Conn. Gen. Stat. § 3-94k. Notarial certificate. Notarial seal. Stamp.
“If a notary public utilizes a notarial seal, the notary shall, near the notary’s official signature on a notarial certificate, affix an impression of the notarial seal, which shall include: (1) The notary’s name exactly as it appears on the notary’s certificate of appointment, (2) the words “Notary Public” and “Connecticut” and (3) the words “My commission expires (commission expiration date)”, provided the notary may elect to have the words in subdivision (3) appear on a stamp instead of such seal. If the notary does not utilize a notarial seal or stamp, the words “Notary Public” and “My commission expires (commission expiration date)” shall be typed or printed legibly by the notary near the notary’s official signature on a notarial certificate.”